GASTAT extends the participation through self-enumeration for 6 more days



The General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) announced that it has extended the participation in the Saudi Census 2022 through the online self-enumeration platform for 6 more days, until Tuesday May 31. This decision came in response to the requests received from citizens and residents in the Kingdom to extend the deadline of the self-enumeration. As for field-enumeration, GASTAT confirmed that it will continue until the end of the data collection phase, through visits of census interviewers to the housing units. Moreover, GASTAT commended the awareness of citizens and residents and their willingness to participate in the Census and filling out the questionnaire electronically, in addition to their cooperation with the census interviewers, which will assist in achieving their national duty.  Several channels have been made available by GASTAT to help citizens and residents in filling out the census questionnaire and answering inquiries, through the e-portal of the Saudi Census 2022, and through the unified number 920020081, in addition to GASTAT's accounts on social media.Having an account in Absher for the head of the household is a requirement for entering the self-enumeration website, through which the participant can obtain a rapid response code through the Nafath portal, or by registering in the Saudi Census portal and completing the required data.