There are many radical and rapid transformations in recent times. Many entities are seeking to provide high quality services.

As part of the development of all operations related to the census project, the population and housing census department used the latest methodologies and methods to collect data to reach the highest levels of quality of service and data. For the convenience of all households, the census department decided to launch the "self-enumeration" service through the internet so that the head of the household could complete his household’s data without the visit of the enumerator. This is the first time this method is used in order to provide a new service to households to facilitate their data collection and to ensure the confidentiality of data.


Self-enumeration Definition

It is one of the modern technological methods used in the population censuses. Households can complete the questionnaire electronically on the website without the need for a researcher’s visit to their dwelling.



Objectives of self-enumeration:

  1. Facilitate data completion by households in an appropriate time and according to the specified time period.
  2. Field researcher will not have to visit households in their places.
  3. Contribute in decreasing the financial and administrative burden when collecting field data.
  4. Possibility of entering part of the data and complete them at any time within the specified time period.
  5. Keep pace with the digital transformation as well as benefiting from the latest technologies.
  6. Increase privacy when providing data by households.



Conditions of self-enumeration:

  • Self-enumeration only applies to households.
  • Head of the household must have an account on (Abshar) electronic services.
  • Household who wants to participate in self-enumeration must not share the same house with a household who does not want to participate.
  • Household who wants to participate must register in this service at the stage of buildings enumeration and real estate numbering.
  • Household must have computer, mobile phone, e-mail, and access to the internet.
  • Household must not move from the house during the date of participation in self-enumeration and the actual enumeration on 17th of March, 2020


Process of self-enumeration:

In the stage of buildings enumeration as well as numbering real estate units, the observer asks the households if they would like to participate in the census through self-enumeration method.

Username and password will be received via SMS and e-mail with the possibility of changing the password by the head of the household.

Communication between the staff of the communication center and quality control and households is through the phone and e-mail in order to explain the procedures and concepts related to self-enumeration.

Households who want to participate can access the link of self-enumeration by clicking on its icon or on the link sent by the communication center where they will be redirected to the self-enumeration page.

Head of the household should enter the username and password.

 Head of the household should start entering the data of the household by using the available instructions; he can also enter the data before the enumeration night, in other words, before midnight. Data can be entered at once or in stages according to the appropriate time for each household. In addition, data will be automatically linked with the information center.

Household can make a free phone call with the communication center and quality control for any inquiries or information related to the questioner.

This stage will be accompanied with an intensive information campaign to show the steps of the self-enumeration for population and how to complete the online questioner received by e-mail.




When should the household send its data:


Head of the household must update the data of the individuals (in case he entered them before the night of the reference time) according to their place of residence and complete all data to be sent electronically. If there are any comments or notes, the head of the household will be contacted by the communication center to complete the required data and ensure its validity.

* After starting the enumeration process, 5 days will be identified to finish completing data of the household.

Steps of self-enumeration:

GASTAT provided self-enumeration system and put lots of efforts to make it a complete and easy system, so that individuals or citizens can fill out their data in a way that save their times and efforts. On the other hand, English language will be considered as well in order to complete all the slides. 

Steps of self-enumeration are as follows:

  1. Adding the individual’s data
  2. Viewing household individuals
  3. Adding the dwelling’s data
  4. Details of mortality

Each section has its data and requirements so that all data of household can be completed