The Saudi Census 2022 Methodology

This document describes the phasing and outcomes of the preparation for the Census 2022 project as of May 10th, 2021 and it also describes the planned implementation moving forward This document includes the following sections:


  • Census Overview: The overview section elaborates on the purpose and objectives of Census 2022, addresses how the 2010 Census was conducted, discusses the changes planned for Census 2022, and touches on how the public might be affected by the census
  • Census Preparation: The census preparation section provides insights on the preparation work that is in the census, topics include census frame, questionnaire development, stakeholder management, tool development, census model testing, and the pilot plan
  • Census Implementation: The Census implementation section provides a deep dive into the planned data collection, processing, and dissemination processes and approaches which are utilized in Census 2022
  • Cross-Cutting Themes: This section covers the cross-cutting topics that are significant to the success of the census including the census operational functions, technology requirements, quality assurance, communication plans, and overall program management
  • Learn more about the Saudi Census 2022 preparation and implementation stages details from the below document.


Saudi Census 2022 Program Progress& Documentation