How to Participate in the Saudi Census 2022

Data Collection Phase – May 10

It is the phase of collecting detailed data for population and housing by filling out the census questionnaire during a specific period of time starting on May 10 until June 15 through one of the following methods:

  1. Self-enumeration
  2. Field enumeration
  3. Self-enumeration Stations – Kiosks


During the data collection phase, all individuals living inside the kingdom including Saudi citizens living temporarily outside the kingdom (for less than 12 months) for medical treatments, tourism, or studying purposes…etc., will be enumerated by the head of their household living inside the kingdom at the specified date to complete the census questionnaire and record their demographical and socioeconomical characteristics.


Participation Methods:


A new method that allows individuals and heads of households to fill out the Census questionnaire electronically without the need for the Census interviewer's visit

Advantages of Self-enumeration

  1. Filling out the Census questionnaire data without the need for a Census interviewer visit.
  2. Filling out the questionnaire at any place and time during the specified period.
  3. Saving the answers and completing the questionnaire at a later time.
  4. Available in several languages for non-Arabic speakers.

Self-enumeration Participation Steps

  1. Visit the Saudi Census Portal.
  2. Click on Start Questionnaire icon
  3. Log in through “National Single Sign-On” or Census website
  4. Fill out the Census questionnaire
  5. Submit the Census questionnaire


Self-enumeration Stations

Self-enumeration stations are available in multiple malls to enable individuals and head of households to complete the census questionnaire with the help of the Census Interview

Self-enumeration Stations Participation steps:

  1. Visit the self-Enumeration stations located in the shopping centers.
  2. Fill out the questionnaire with the help of the census interviewer.


Self-enumeration Stations Locations: Please click here to view the list of locations

Field Enumeration

Census interviewers will visit all individuals and households to complete the census questionnaire for those who prefer to complete the questionnaire with the help of the census interviewer during the visit.

Field Enumeration Participation Steps:

  1. Prepare the required information (national ID/Residence Permit (Iqama) and family book) to participate in the Census
  2. Fill out the Census questionnaire with the help of the Census interviewer

Census Interviewer

An official employee from GASTAT who is responsible for collecting the data of individuals and households during field visits.

How to verify the identity of the Census interviewer

  1. Ensure that the Census interviewer wears the Census uniform. (Vest, hat and identification card).
  2. Note that the Census interviewer uses a tablet of the General Authority for Statistics.
  3. Ensure that a text message is received stating that participation in the Census has been completed.
  4. Request to see the Census interviewer's identification card or the digital identification card, which can be verified through the census interviewer's Tawakkalna application.