Census Questionnaire

The questionnaire contains up to 50 detailed questions, and it may take around 5 minutes for an individual to fill it out and 30 minutes for a family. It can be completed by heads of households or individuals over the age of fifteen, to collect their data based on five basic characteristics: Click here to view the full census questionnaire

Demographic Characteristics: Age, gender, nationality, place of residence, marital status and others.

Educational Characteristics: Educational level, qualifications, academic specializations and others.

Economic Characteristics: Employment status, profession, sector type, entity’s economic activity, average monthly income and others.

Housing Characteristics: Type of housing, property status, type of residence, source of electricity and water and others.

Health Characteristics: Health status, health difficulties, chronic diseases, and others.


The Head of Household

  • The head of the household or his representative is responsible for completing the census questionnaire for all household members.
  • The census questionnaire can be completed by any household member above 15 years old.