The General Authority for Statistics announces Night reference time of the census of 2020

The Minister of Economy and Planning, chairman of GASTAT board of director, Mr. Mohammed bin Mazyed Altwaijri announced the approval of His Royal Highness, the King of Saudi Arabia to specify the evening of Tuesday 22nd of Rajab, 1441 H corresponding 17th of March, 2020 to be the beginning of the actual enumeration works of the Fifth Population, Housing, and Establishments Census in Saudi Arabia. This date shall be approved as the time reference date for all census works, data, and information.





This came during his speech at the inauguration ceremony of the identity of the 2020 census, which was held today by the General Authority for Statistics in Riyadh at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

His Excellency expressed his thanks and gratitude to the Custodian of the Two Holly Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and to the crown prince, first deputy prime minister, and minister of defense, His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz- May God protect them all- for their constant care and support to the statistics sector in Saudi Arabia.

GASTAT president, Dr. Fahad bin Sulaiman Altekhaifi has also delivered a speech discussing the importance of the General Census of Population, Housing, and Establishments 2020, and mentioning all the efforts that have been exerted during the previous stages of the census, and all the procedures that will be undertaken in the next steps.

Within its preparations for the General Population, Housing, and Establishments Census 2020, GASTAT held an event titled (The Census Forum) to define the census, its targets, and its identity in order to raise awareness among society about the significance of the census and its consequences. 

The forum has been attended by a group of officials’ forum the public, private, and other sectors, in addition to a number of press media and journalists, and some of GASTAT leaders and some officials from the statistical sector in Saudi Arabia.

The forum included a number of workshops, such as: Population and Housing Characteristics in the population and housing census’ form, the Establishments Main Characteristics in the establishments census’ form, the Information Technology Workshop which discussed the technical aspects of the census project, in addition to the Media and Statistical Awareness Workshop which discussed the role of media awareness in the project of Population, Housing, and Establishments Census 2020.

2020 Census will provide a huge database that will be used as a reliable source when conducting researches and studies that are required by the plans and programs of Saudi Arabia. It will also provide statistical data and indicators to measure the change occurred in the population characteristics, make international, regional and local comparisons as well as reviewing and evaluating future population estimates.

The first census of Saudi Arabia was conducted in 1394H (1974), the second was in 1413H (1992), followed by the third census in 1425H (2004). 1431H (2010) census is considered the fourth census conducted by the Central Department of Statistics and Information before being transformed into the General Authority for Statistics, the total population at that time reached (27,136,977).

In fact, the ten years following the census will be the most important years in the history of Saudi Arabia in which the Saudi 2030 Vision will be formed and the obstacles facing this vision will be conquered. Through the census’s results, the country’s requirements will be provided based on the main data of population and housing required by developmental plans as well as researchers and planners needs. A new framework for all specialized statistical researches will be available, a huge database will be created and used as a reliable source when conducting studies and researches of development programs. Also, population indicators and data will be provided periodically.